At Home With LoveDaphneMae

Family pictures are never an easy task. As "natural" as they try to appear, they never quite feel natural when you're w...

Family pictures are never an easy task. As "natural" as they try to appear, they never quite feel natural when you're wrangling a one year old, bribing a three year old and contemplating why in the heck you ever decided to schedule them in the first place. But in steps Alex, aka LoveDaphneMae, and everything just seems to fall into place. That "natural" look is very much natural...except she makes it appear so much more glamorous than it usually is. Her style is very light, bright and airy which makes her images look just magical! She came to our house on a Tuesday afternoon when not much of anything is happening except the daily routine of eating, playing, and making messes. The kids seem to cooperate a lot better when you're actually doing real life things and not trying to get that perfect pose. Alex's presence is so calm and peaceful and you literally don't even have to think about your next move. She guides you throughout each step which I love in a photographer because I'm always questioning if what I'm doing looks awkward. All of these images were shot on film and the quality is undeniable. Unlike digital, you don't get to preview the photo or sit and snap a million times to get that perfect shot. This is how you know Alex has a real talent. Somehow, she manages to capture the most perfect moment every time. If you've never stumbled across her Instagram feed, go now! It is full of the most beautiful images that will in turn have you booking with her as soon as possible. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be in her portfolio!


My dress: Target // Kolly's bloomers: Nena & Co // Kolly's top: Boden // Kolly's suspenders: The Haltered Thread // Kolly's headband: NumiKids // Boston's top: Cotton On Kids // Couch: Ikea // Throw Blanket: MINI-malist // Rocking chair: Modern Nursery Rockers // Wishbone chair: Rove Concepts // Playroom wall decals: Urban Walls // Silhouette prints: Dapper & Darling // 

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