Boss is TWO Legit to Quit

These last two weeks have been jam packed with party planning and play dates so yesterday and today have been fully dedicated to rest and re...

These last two weeks have been jam packed with party planning and play dates so yesterday and today have been fully dedicated to rest and relaxation! Not too sure if I will ever feel rested again (thanks to my two little angels and a house that needs loads of TLC) but I can sleep when I die, right?!

I am still in shock that my Boss is a big, bad two-year-old now! The night before his birthday, I kept saying to Bryce, "can you believe Boston is going to be two?!" The years definitely go by way too fast! I love the ages my babies are right now. A fun and growing independent two-year-old and a tiny, little snuggly newborn! It's the best!

Wednesday, the 23rd, was Boston's actual birthday and we spent the day at the children's museum and the night at John's Incredible Pizza. We are so lucky to be surrounded by family and friends to celebrate with. It was a ton of fun and a great kick-off to his birthday celebrations! On Saturday, we threw him a birthday bash at my parent's house. The theme was The Horton County Fair meets TWO Legit to Quit! We decorated in black, white and red and had a mix of the best fair finds: corn dogs, cotton candy, pretend fishies in bags of water, pony rides and the cutest little animals you ever did see! Oh, and of course I had to throw in some matching family tanks :)

We love to party and we did just that! It's always bittersweet when it's all done and over with. Boston may never remember this birthday but I really hope he can remember how very loved and spoiled he was and always will be!





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